Networks4Learning is a social enterprise with operations in Glasgow, Scotland and Nairobi, Kenya covering the East African region. We are passionate about promoting the Raspberry Pi and other potentially trans-formative devices for computer science and networking education for young people. Our focus is on our beneficiaries in Glasgow who are underprivileged individuals within our community as well as students in schools and colleges in East Africa.

Our social enterprise is built on three core principles



Passing on useful learning to our beneficiaries enabling them achieve a better status in the society



Careful and ongoing guidance, ensuring success in their IT specialization



Ensuring a virtuous cyclein what we do.

Our Vision

Networks4Learning envisions a future where our foundational training and mentoring program will be a global leader in inspiring the young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue rewarding and sought after careers as computer hardware, software, and networking engineers.


Our Mission

To provide our beneficiaries in Glasgow with specialised foundational training in computing and networking and to promote and facilitate training in these disciplines for students from disadvantaged backgrounds in schools and colleges in Africa, in collaboration with local universities.


Our Motivation

We are driven by our awareness and observation that talented young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds in our community in many cases face insurmountable hurdles as they seek to successfully integrate into society. So we wish to do our part in addressing this situation, aware of the higher success factor that the vocational training route provides. As a team, we are bound together by a shared vision and passion of giving back to the community we live in and trade with, by sharing knowledge and promoting appropriate technology.


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