The Raspberry Pi is an effective tool for teaching computer science to school children

The Raspberry Pi foundation (, based in Cambridge University in the UK created the Raspberry Pi to address a concern that too few young people were getting involved in computer science. In 2012, the inventors of the Raspberry Pi expected sales of around 10,000 units, however over 1 million units was sold during that year. To-date, over 8 million units have been sold of this exiting and innovative computer making it the fastest selling British computer ever.
The Raspberry Pi foundation has developed useful content, which is freely available from their website under three themes:

  • Teach
  • Learn
  • Make

Furthermore, driven by its success in capturing the imagination of academia and industry alike, the Raspberry Pi has a large following from these communities. Which has spawned a large choice of innovative ideas and practical computer science projects which school children, hobbyists and industry professionals can choose from and build upon.

Raspberry Pi