Google highlights need for teaching schoolchildren Computer Science rather than ICT or IT

Today, major technology companies dominate the list of top public corporations by market capitalisation. This includes companies like: Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc. (including Google), Microsoft Corporation, Facebook Inc., Oracle Corporation, Intel Corporation, IBM and Cisco Systems among others. These companies rely on their well trained and highly skilled software and hardware engineers to develop innovative new products and services in a highly competitive field.
In order to be competent enough to work in such company’s school children need to be exposed at an early age to the broader and innovative world of computer science, rather than just Information and Communications Technology (ICT) or just Information Technology (IT)- where they learn how to use computers and their applications. At Google, they strongly feel that it is important that all schoolchildren get both a solid grounding in computational thinking and an opportunity to explore the fundamental skills and concepts that underpin Computing and Software Engineering.
Learning Computer Science should be practical, where innovativeness, invention and resourcefulness are encouraged. The outcome of this learning should result in individual who is able to apply the academic principles they have learned to the understanding of real-world systems, and to the creation of purposeful solutions to the problems or challenges they encounter in their environment and community.
Most of our schools today teach ICT - which is technology focused and includes subjects such as: Spreadsheets, Databases, PowerPoint and Internet Security among others. Little is taught about Computer Science as a discipline or rigorous subject like physics, chemistry or history.

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